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CombineZP the next member of the CombineZ series of programs is now available.

Having trouble Downloading from here?

There are copies of most files on the CombineZ Yahoo Group web site, try downloading from there.

Please Note There are now Two versions of CombineZM.

1. the FULL version still called CombineZM, short form CZM.

2. the SMALL version called CombineZ-m, short form CZm.

The SMALL version has had the Movie Making function, the Extract Frames function and all of the Acquire functions removed.   Download this version for running on older versions of the Windows opperating system, or if you do not need these functions or have trouble installing the FULL version.

The Full version is as it always was with all features enabled.   Download this version if you want the additional movie and camera functions.

There are now TWO installation packages one for each version of the program, and two different .exe files.   You can swap between versions, or have both on your PC.   You only need one folder to contain the files, and one copy of fftw3.dll, CZMHelp.msi and any macro sets etc you have, they will all work on either or both versions of the program (with the obvious limitations for CZm).   Please note the differences in the names of the .exe files.

For new users here are four versions of the installation package.

Full Versions CombineZM.msi  and Combinez-m.msi 18th of April 2008

CombineZM.msi  and Combinez-m.msi 18th of April 2008 Not including Help

You can download and run this installation program, make sure you have uninstalled CombineZM first if necessary, Control Panel - Add Remove Programs.   The second two are smaller files to download because CZMHelp.chm has been left out, it can be downloaded seperately and added to the czm folder later.

CombineZM.exe and CombineZ-m.exe 18th of April 2008

This file can be downloaded and placed in the CombineZM folder on your computer to update your system.   You may need to unlock it on first use.

CZMHelp.chm  14th of March 2008

This file can be downloaded and placed in the same folder to update your system.   You will probably need to unlock it by Right Clicking on it and then selecting Properties.   On the General tab of the Properties Dialog will be a button 'Unblock' click on this.   This file was prodoced with HTML Help Workshop, if you wish to decompile the .chm file above, to get the original web pages and pictures download this program from Microsoft.


You will need this in the same folder as whichever .exe file you use, it is included in the packages.  18th of April 2008

Only download this zipped archive of the source files if you understand C++.

Macro Set Library  Updated 14th March 2008

CombineZ5 Docs

CombineZM Docs Old


18th of April 2008

Unless there are bugs that need fixing this will be the last release of CombineZM.   All of the bug fixes of recent months are included, plus a newly discovered one which caused a crash when tiny frames were loaded onto a computer with a lot of RAM (fixes include two bugs which caused soft/out of focus results and one which reduced the accuracy of the alignment routines).   The Do Soft Stack macro is included in the standard set to further improve the programs performance with large e.g. 10M Pixel pictures.   The Options dialog allows you to reserve some RAM for movie making etc., and contains a switch to prevent Help from being shown on first starting the program.   The zipped Visual C++ Workspace file is now up to date.   Development wioll not stop here ... watch out for the new version to appear later this year.


1st of April 2008

Fixed a bug in the alignment routines, memory management bug fixed, added Options dialog to file menu which enables memory usage limit to be set.   Note the .zip file has not been updated.


15th March 2008

Fixed memory allocation bug when all frames would not fit into memory.   Fixed bug that prevented Find Detail from looking in New frames.


14th March 2008

Modified Help files to reflect new Do Soft Stack and Find Detail.   Added new Help page Troubleshooting Do Stack


13th March 2008

Improved and expanded Find Detail function.   Added new default macro Do Soft Stack.   Fixed Movie Make and Extract Frames bugs, which involved improving memory allocation system..   Fixed no valid default file extention when saving from a new install.


3rd of February 2008

Fixed a bug in the Fill Gaps function.   A few other minor alterations to the Macro variables etc.   Added a bit more information to the Help files concerniong new Macro capabilities.


26th January 2008

Updated CZM to make new Macro Set, Do Deep Stack, function correctly.


6th of January 2008

Added some more Macros to the Library.


5th of January 2008

The problems with the last two releases should now be over.   The handling of the Help system is now better, if you removed the .chm file you can put it back now if you wish.


31st of December

Another crop of bugs fixed in some of the newer features and part of the Drawing routine rewritten, (I may do some more work here for people who do not have Stretch BLIT facilities on their PC's).

The macro command set now includes some Conditional and Test commands.   Many additional variables are available for use in macros.   Most of this has not been documented yet, I may expand the tests available in the near future and will update the docs ASAP.

New/Updated Macro Sets have been included in the Macro Set Library.   You can now colour correct a whole stack, remove dust spots and uneven backgrounds and remove consecutive duplicate frames from a stack, (the latter requires the latest .exe file).


22nd of December 2007

Two small problems fixed, the first is cosmetic one of the dialogs for the Enhanced Average function was misleading.   The second is to one of the new Colour functions Rainbow did not convert pure black into red as it should have done, it produced random results.   The Macro Set Library has grown over the last week or two, there are still more to add when I get time.


13th of December 2007

updated everything.except Batch Processor, both here and at Yahoo.

The remove Islandss function of CombineZM.exe is now a two pass function, it results in a cleaner Depthmap and less artifacts in some pictures, some minor bug fixes/changes mainly cosmetic.

The Help file is now expanded to include more topics.

The Installation Package, CombineZM.msi has had the Macro Sets removed from it, I intend to update some and add more with descriptions of what they do and how to use them to this web site.   The version here includes the help files.

Started compiling a Macro Set Library