The links below will allow you to download a few CZP files, I have hqad problems with the website being hacked so I am keeping things simple for now


The last full version of CombineZP as an install package (.msi file)

This is for installation on a Windows XP computer, it may work on a later version of Windows, but see below.

The German Help Files for CombineZP as a compiled help file (.chm file)

If you are a German speaker install the .msi file above, and then replace the existing CZHelp.chm with this file.

The Latest update to CombineZP as a Zip Archive (.zip file)

This archive contains the source code with some bug fixes that may make the program work on later versions of windows.   It also contains a compiled version of CZP along with a compatable fftw3.dll and visual c++ redistributable *.dll files.

So if you want the latest version of the program you will need to install the *.msi file above, then optionally replace the *.chm if you want German help, then download the *.zip file and extract and copy the contents to the folder where CZP is installed.   If you do not need the source code it can be deleted.